Spotlight: Becca Mastey – A Future Physician with a Heart for Wisconsin

Published On: March 19, 2024Categories: Explore Careers, ProgramsTags: 2.4 min read

At the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay, students are not just preparing for careers in medicine; they’re cultivating a deep understanding of their communities and how they can serve them best. Among these driven students is Becca Mastey, whose journey into medicine is not only fueled by her passion for healing but also her commitment to the people of Wisconsin.

Meet Becca Mastey

Becca Mastey is currently pursuing her medical degree at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay. While her primary focus is on her studies, Becca is also actively engaged in various interests and hobbies. From spiking volleyball on the court to casting lines while fishing or delving into the depths of a good book, Becca embodies a balanced approach to life.

A Commitment to Service: Becoming an AHEC Scholar

When asked about her motivation to become an AHEC Scholar, Becca explains, “I am looking to work in Wisconsin after I have completed my training, and the AHEC Scholars program is a wonderful way to help me better understand the current needs of our Wisconsin community.” She recognizes the importance of gaining exposure to different professions, cultures, and beliefs, all of which will enhance her ability to serve her future patients effectively.

Dreams Beyond Graduation

Looking ahead, Becca’s aspirations extend far beyond her graduation. “Upon graduation,” she shares, “I will have additional training to complete, including a residency and possibly a fellowship.” However, her vision for the future goes beyond individual patient care; she aims to impact communities by addressing their specific needs and providing essential resources and services where they might otherwise be lacking.

Beyond the Books: Insights into Becca’s World

While Becca’s dedication to medicine is undeniable, she also finds joy in life’s simple pleasures. Reflecting on her first days on campus, she recalls being amazed by the diversity of her classmates’ journeys to medical school. For Becca, there’s beauty in the uniqueness of each path taken.

When asked about her bucket list, Becca’s adventurous spirit shines through. Skydiving is at the top of her list, driven by the thrill of experiencing life to its fullest.

In her downtime, Becca enjoys embracing the outdoors, indulging in activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, and biking. A perfect day off for her includes savoring breakfast at a local coffee shop before immersing herself in the warmth of the sun and the beauty of nature.


Becca Mastey is more than a future physician—she’s a compassionate individual driven by a desire to make a difference. With her dedication to serving the people of Wisconsin and her adventurous spirit, Becca is poised to leave an indelible mark on both her patients and her community. As she continues her journey in medicine, one thing remains certain: Becca Mastey’s impact will be nothing short of extraordinary.

“Medicine is not only about treating illnesses; it’s about empowering individuals to lead healthier, fuller lives.” – Becca Mastey