In the realm of healthcare education, fostering exploration, empowerment, and growth is paramount. Through dedicated initiatives aimed at career exploration, health education, and professional development, individuals at various stages of their educational journey—ranging from middle and high school students to college students and seasoned professionals—are equipped with the tools and resources needed to thrive in the dynamic field of healthcare.

Career Exploration

Take advantage of the career exploration tools available to discover your perfect career in healthcare!


  • *This link takes you to a different website* Visit the Wisconsin Health Careers website. Explore hundreds of career options and healthcare program offerings around the state of Wisconsin. Learn about healthcare career salaries, education needed, activities, employment outlook and more!

  • Become a student volunteer at Froedtert Holy Family Memorial Hospital. Gain firsthand exposure to health care and the opportunity to explore potential career paths in pharmacy, emergency room, and orthopedics.

  • Online Course: Path2Practice is an on-demand course for participants to understand how their interests and abilities can be used in the various types of career in healthcare.

  • *This link takes you to a different website* Visit the Department of Public Instruction’s Career Pathway Opportunities, Resources and Maps.

  • Access an on-demand library of professionals sharing about their careers including, daily tasks, education required, and average pay.

  • Experience the future of medical education with our cutting-edge VR simulations, made possible through Project PAVE. Explore the world of healthcare, refine your skills, and prepare for your future career—all from the comfort of our state-of-the-art VR simulation goggles.

Career Exploration Contacts

Healthcare Education Programs

Programs facilitated by Wisconsin AHEC and NEWAHEC within our region and facility.


  • This is a two-year program with a combination of didactic and community-based experiential training in a Wisconsin rural community and/or with underserved populations.

  • An interprofessional team of students work with the Lakeshore Community Health Care clinic to assist patients with high A1C levels to manage their diabetes through six-weeks of virtual and home visits. Disciplines often participating include pharmacy, nursing, dietetics, social work, and medicine.

  • Enables college students who have an interest in community health, public health and population health to work full time, part time or quarter time at a local health department, tribal health center, community health center, or community service organization within Wisconsin for an eight-week summer internship.

  • Creating Access to Resources & Expanded Services. This is a community health field placement opportunity, college students must commit to a minimum of 40 hours or 15 patient encounters, which includes 3 online assessments. This community based experience helps to identify social determinants of health and other pbarriers keeping patients from utilizing and receiving full health care needs.

  • Students can use this as a “co-op” opportunity by volunteering at a healthcare facility. Participants will complete a course of soft-skills, receive necessary vaccinations, and will volunteer at least 40 hours at a healthcare facility. If the hours are completed, the participant can access at least one job-shadow opportunity. Includes weekly course curriculum and online assessments.

Program Contacts

Professional Development

Whether you’re a student or a healthcare professional, we are committed to supporting your growth and professional development with online courses and in-person continuing education activities.


  • Milwaukee AHEC is an established provider of Community Health Worker Training. Recognizing that there is a need for community health workers to serve as a “bridge” between community members and the health care delivery system.

  • Online Course: The Soft Skills Strategies for Success certificate consist of 3 sections that will prepare young adults to create and define their professional persona. Students will learn and apply workplace skills that employers find important in an employee. A few of the skills students will learn during this certificate are how to work with different personalities, resolve conflict, communicate professional through telephone and electronically, listen actively to others and interact successfully with people from different cultures.

  • Online Course: Soft Skills Strategies for Success is a course for students that are interested in applying to the Healthcare Service Internship. This course must be completed before starting onsite at your Healthcare Service Internship.

  • Online Course: Describe and demonstrate the key factors involved in presenting a professional, inclusive, and clinically effective patient visit through telehealth services.

Course Contacts