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Whether you’re a student or a healthcare professional, we are committed to supporting your growth and professional development with online courses and in-person continuing education activities.

  • Online Course: The Soft Skills Strategies for Success certificate consist of 3 sections that will prepare young adults to create and define their professional persona. Students will learn and apply workplace skills that employers find important in an employee. A few of the skills students will learn during this certificate are how to work with different personalities, resolve conflict, communicate professional through telephone and electronically, listen actively to others and interact successfully with people from different cultures.

  • Online Course: Describe and demonstrate the key factors involved in presenting a professional, inclusive, and clinically effective patient visit through telehealth services.

  • Milwaukee AHEC is an established provider of Community Health Worker Training. Recognizing that there is a need for community health workers to serve as a “bridge” between community members and the health care delivery system.

  • Online Course: Soft Skills Strategies for Success is a course for students that are interested in applying to the Healthcare Service Internship. This course must be completed before starting onsite at your Healthcare Service Internship.

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