Welcome to Northeastern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (NEWAHEC)

At NEWAHEC, we’re on a mission to bridge healthcare gaps, combat substance use, and foster healthier communities in northeast Wisconsin. We empower the next generation of healthcare professionals and strengthen community health by connecting students to fulfilling careers and bringing skilled professionals to underserved areas.

Explore our programs and initiatives aimed at preparing students for fulfilling careers in healthcare and preventing substance use. Partner with us today to shape a future where quality healthcare is accessible to all. Together, we’ll build a stronger, healthier northeast Wisconsin—one career, one patient, one community at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance access to quality primary health care for underserved populations in Northeastern Wisconsin.

We achieve our mission by connecting students to careers, professionals to communities, and communities to better health through partnerships with academic and community organizations.

NEWAHEC Bridging the Healthcare Career Gap with Innovative Exploration Tools

NEWAHEC is a dynamic local organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the increasing demand for healthcare services and the pipeline of career-ready students in Northeastern Wisconsin. Our mission is clear: to foster a robust healthcare workforce by providing comprehensive career exploration tools and resources. With a focus on empowering aspiring professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary for success, NEWAHEC stands at the forefront of talent development, meeting the evolving needs of the healthcare industry in our region.

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Bold Steps in Substance Use Prevention

In response to the pressing issue of substance use, NEWAHEC works proactively to prevent and address substance use within its communities. Substance use has a profound impact on individuals, families, local leaders, healthcare professionals, and the community as a whole. Together, we work with community organizations to implement comprehensive prevention strategies.


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