Join Us in Building the Future of Healthcare and Substance Use Prevention in Northeastern Wisconsin

At NEWAHEC, we’re on a mission to bridge the gap between the growing demand for healthcare services and the next generation of healthcare professionals. Additionally, we’re dedicated to combating substance use disorders and promoting healthier communities. With your support, we can make a real difference in closing these disparities and ensuring a robust healthcare workforce while tackling substance use challenges in our region.

Why Donate to NEWAHEC?

NEWAHEC is a catalyst for change in both healthcare and substance use prevention. By providing comprehensive career exploration tools and resources, we empower individuals to pursue careers in healthcare confidently. Simultaneously, we’re committed to educating communities about substance use disorders and providing support to those affected. Your donation enables us to continue this vital work, ensuring that aspiring professionals have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, and that our communities are equipped to address substance use challenges effectively.

How your donation helps:

Your contribution directly supports our multifaceted efforts, including:

  • Providing career guidance and mentorship to students interested in healthcare careers.
  • Developing innovative programs and initiatives to address the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.
  • Expanding our reach and impact in Northeastern Wisconsin, reaching more individuals and communities in need.
  • Free Festival Toolkits: We provide businesses with free festival toolkits, equipping them with resources to promote substance-free events and create safe environments for all attendees.
  • Support for Families: We offer free resources to families navigating the challenges of substance use disorder.
  • Educational Experiences: Your donation enables us to conduct free educational sessions on the dangers of vaping, opioids, and tobacco at local middle and high schools. These sessions empower students with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their health and well-being

Your donation helps us share our community space with nonprofits and partners at no cost, as well as offering affordable options for families seeking to host events such as birthdays, baby showers, and more. This inclusive approach fosters collaboration and strengthens community ties, creating a welcoming environment for all.

NEWAHEC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is committed to enhancing the healthcare workforce and promoting community well-being. Our initiatives focus on increasing diversity, improving distribution, and fostering the development of healthcare professionals. We rely on grants, partnerships, and donations to fuel our impactful programs.

Some ways that your donations could support our efforts include:

Amount Benefit
$25 Medication Lock Bag
$50 Medication Lock Box
$125 Sponsorship of Community Space Rental
$200 Sponsorship of a Community Space Family Event
$500 Sponsorship of a Virtual Reality Event
$1000 Sponsor a Learning Center Course

Thank you for your support!

Your generosity enables us to continue our vital work and positively impacts the lives of individuals and families across our region. Thank you for believing in our mission and joining us in making a difference.