Spotlight: Enrique Avila – Empowering Communities Through Medicine and Martial Arts

Published On: March 19, 2024Categories: Explore Careers, ProgramsTags: 2.5 min read

Enrique Avila, a dedicated student at the Medical College of Wisconsin, is not your average medical student. With a passion for both medicine and martial arts, Enrique is on a mission to make a lasting impact on the health of Wisconsin’s underserved communities.

Meet Enrique Avila

Currently pursuing his MD at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Enrique Avila’s interests extend far beyond the confines of the classroom. While his primary focus is on medicine, he also finds solace and passion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and even indulges in the occasional game of Pokémon.

A Commitment to Community Care: Becoming an AHEC Scholar

Enrique’s dedication to community care led him to become an AHEC Scholar. When asked about his motivation, Enrique explains, “I decided to become an AHEC Scholar to receive more education and exposure to community care. I want as much experience as possible to become the best medical provider I can be for my community.” His commitment to learning and understanding the needs of underserved populations underscores his desire to be a compassionate and effective healthcare provider.

Dreams Beyond Graduation

Looking ahead, Enrique’s vision extends to Northeastern Wisconsin, where he plans to practice medicine. “My future plans are to be a physician in Northeastern Wisconsin,” he shares. “I want to provide care to underrepresented communities in the area I grew up in.” With a focus on addressing healthcare disparities, Enrique is determined to improve the health outcomes of those in his community.

Exploring Life Beyond Medicine

Despite his rigorous academic pursuits, Enrique finds balance in his love for martial arts. Dreaming of taking a sabbatical to Thailand to train in a real Muay Thai gym, he seeks to experience the essence of martial arts in its purest form. For Enrique, martial arts have been a guiding force, shaping his character and instilling values of discipline and resilience.

Insights into Enrique’s World

Reflecting on his childhood, Enrique fondly recalls cherished memories with his grandmother. Her unwavering love and support have left an indelible mark on his life, making her the person he would most like to share a meal with, living or deceased.

On a lighter note, Enrique’s ideal day off involves driving up north with his best friends and snowmobiling across lakes from town to town. It’s moments like these that recharge his spirit and remind him of the importance of camaraderie and adventure.


Enrique Avila is more than a medical student—he’s a compassionate individual with a relentless drive to empower communities and pursue his passions. Through his dedication to medicine, coupled with his love for martial arts, Enrique is poised to make a profound impact on the health and well-being of Wisconsin’s underserved populations. As he continues his journey, one thing remains certain: Enrique Avila’s dedication and resilience will shape a brighter future for generations to come.

“In both medicine and martial arts, there’s a profound sense of purpose—to heal and to empower. I’m committed to embracing both paths with humility and determination.” – Enrique Avila