Chronic Disease Management

The Chronic Disease Management Program offers a hands-on, community-based experience for students to collaborate as part of an interprofessional team. Partnering with the Lakeshore Community Health Care clinic, students focus on assisting patients with high A1C levels in managing their diabetes effectively.

Over a six-week period, students engage in a combination of virtual and home visits with patients. This approach allows them to provide personalized care and support to individuals managing diabetes from the comfort of their own homes, ensuring accessibility and convenience for patients.

The program emphasizes interprofessional collaboration, with students from various disciplines working together to address the multifaceted aspects of diabetes management. Disciplines commonly involved include pharmacy, nursing, dietetics, social work, and medicine. This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive comprehensive care that addresses not only their medical needs but also their social, emotional, and dietary considerations.


  • 6-13 Week Program

  • Be an actively enrolled student in nursing, athletic training, dietetics, social work, or pharmacy
  • Agree to and comply with Lakeshore Community Health Care’s PHI policies.

Program Contact

Why participate in the Chronic Disease Management Program

Through their involvement in the Chronic Disease Management Program, students gain practical experience in patient care, interdisciplinary teamwork, and chronic disease management strategies. They learn to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting, contributing to improved health outcomes for patients with diabetes.

Overall, the Chronic Disease Management Program provides students with a valuable opportunity to make a meaningful impact in their community while developing essential competencies for their future careers in healthcare.

Chronic Disease Patients

Northeast Wisconsin Area Health Education Center (NEWAHEC) is dedicated to fostering connections between patients and vital healthcare programs, addressing chronic disease disparities and advancing health equity. Through our Chronic Disease Management (CDM) project, patients at Lakeshore Community Health Care are matched with interprofessional teams of students to tackle social determinants of health (SDOH) contributing to elevated HgbA1C levels. By engaging diverse disciplines like nursing, athletic training, dietetics, social work, and pharmacy, we provide holistic care addressing barriers to access and basic needs. Patients can connect with NEWAHEC to access these invaluable resources, empowering them to improve health outcomes and achieve greater well-being.